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Hello, welcome to my blog. Here is were I open my mind and free my soul. Anything that enter must come out. Usually that involves music. Lots of music. My life revolves around it. I am also a nerd. Gamer, anime kid, whovein. You name it. I'm it. I'm taken by a perfect girl I would not trade the world for. No matter what. If you ever want to know more about me never feel free to ask.

New life goal

Nice win for the Blackhawks !!!!

I love my team
Guys, great job on the ice tonight. Kane. Thank you for that win in OT. You guys are really coming together this playoff season. Making me and all the fans proud. Live. Love. Hawks.

just a friendly reminder that after the hawks won the cup last year kane and shawzer reenacted rose & jack from the titanic while piss drunk out of their minds. 

if this isn’t cute to you then I don’t know what is